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Anthropology +
Conference 2020

Championing socially-responsible AI

Together we can build a future in which socially-responsible AI is the norm

The rapid pace of emerging technologies means we are already seeing a significant social impact. Our international conference will bring together social scientists and AI technologists to foster dialogue and collaboration across the disciplines.

Anthropology + Technology Conference

Our conference brings together technologists, who are working on emerging technology projects related to AI, and anthropologists to foster dialogue and collaboration across the disciplines.

The conference has been curated to help today’s leading technology companies understand the significant value of combining teams of technologists with social scientists. Together we can build a future in which socially-responsible AI is the norm.

This year there are three streams: fintech, health tech, and smart cities. You’ll hear from experts from anthropology, artificial intelligence, computer science, cybersecurity, data science, digital sociology, economics, human rights, and medicine. Join us and be part of this ground-breaking and unique event.

Keynote Speaker

Nani Jansen Reventlow

Nani Jansen Reventlow is a human rights lawyer and Director of the Digital Freedom Fund. We invited Nani to be our 2020 keynote because AI-driven technology is already being used to make decisions that are having real and serious consequences for people’s human rights.

In developing emerging technologies it is important to address algorithmic bias, which reflect and amplify existing social inequalities. Otherwise these technologies will continue to perpetuate inequalities and social injustice. This also means dismantling the systems of racism and colonisation embedded in every aspect of our society. Nani’s keynote will address decolonising digital rights.

Because unless we act now—together—social and economic divides will be further deepened and systems of oppression will continue to be automated.

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Health Stream

Technology offers the potential to reshape health and care, empowering people who are willing and able to become more actively engaged in their health. However, it is critically important that digital healthcare technologies do not exacerbate inequalities in healthcare. How can emerging technology support or potentially exacerbate inequality, inclusion and parity in health and social care? How can digital healthcare systems be created that actively improves equality and inclusion?

Smart Cities Stream

What is a “smart city”? Typically, the smart city is defined in terms of technology. But on its own technology is never the answer nor does it drive fundamental change. Technology does have the ability to catalyse and support other types of programmes and policy reforms that are valuable. How can cities be “smart enough” (Ben Green) using technology to promote democracy and equity? How do we achieve social change with technology, without over-valuing technology?

Fintech Stream

While fintech offers up the promise of the democratisation of finance by including traditionally underserved communities, there are some risks particularly as artificial intelligence increasingly influences the terms and availability of credit. If learning algorithms fail on their promises of inclusion, fintech firms may hardwire predatory inclusion, existing inequities, and unconscious biases into financial markets for the next several generations. This will compound wealth gaps and undermine the welfare of vulnerable communities. How do we ensure that the already profound inequality worldwide is not further exacerbated by this new technology?

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