In this episode we talk to Dr Allison Gardner, Teaching Fellow at Keele University and Programme Director for the Science Foundation Year. She is also the Co-founder of Women Leading in AI.

Allison’s research is focused on gender and computing, AI ethics, governance of AI and the use of machine learning to predict disease.

Allison works on the IEEE P7000 Global Initiative on the Ethics of Autonomous and Intelligent Systems and specifically P7003 on algorithmic bias, providing a framework for Algorithmic Impact Assessments.

During this episode Allison discusses some of the key issues we need to address when using AI in the health sector. She explains:

  • why investors in health tech need to be asking questions about teams as well as tech.
  • why we must hold onto our senior clinicians and prevent deskilling.
  • why it’s absolutely critical that AI systems are designed, developed and deployed correctly.

Alongside the challenges AI brings to the health sector, we hear about future opportunities, including more personalised medicine and effective disease prediction.

Lastly, Allison talks about the journey towards regulation and why small nudges and building on existing legal frameworks is the way forward.

Read the interview here.

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