What opportunities lie ahead in the world of AI? How can businesses prepare? And what must leaders do to avoid putting their businesses and wider society at risk?

These are just some of the topics we cover with Phil Harvey, our guest in this week’s episode.

Phil Harvey is a Senior Cloud Solution Architect for Data & AI in One Commercial Partner at Microsoft UK. He’s also the co-author of Data: A Guide to Humans, which will be published in January 2021. And he’s talking in the Smart Cities stream at the conference in October.

During our chat, we talk about the ways that data in smart cities relates specifically to people’s lives and why it’s essential that it’s handled ethically. Phil goes on to share key advice on implementing AI responsibly, including some of the steps already taken at Microsoft.

We also explore the importance of soft skills like empathy. And Phil explains why we must have a deeper understanding of people, as well as the data that we’re working with.

Read the interview here.

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