Pearse Keane is our guest in this week’s episode. Dr Keane is speaking in the Health Tech stream at the conference in October.

Pearse explains what drew him to ophthalmology, and shares his story about how he came to collaborate with DeepMind to use deep learning to identify age-related macular degeneration (AMD), a devasting but common retinal disease that, if not treated quickly enough, leads to blindness.

Pearse talks about the two papers published in Nature Magazine about this research and the realities and challenges involved in moving from research to real world implementation, and the importance of working with industry to bring benefits to patients.

Pearse explains what the UKRI Future Leaders Fellowship means to his work, which explores the development and application of AI in the NHS, particularly sharing his learnings around ethics, data protection, and transparency, so that the NHS and the UK can be world leaders in this space.

We loved talking to Pearse and we hope you enjoy the episode.

For more information about the Moorfields and DeepMind collaboration, visit this link.

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