Our guest in this week’s episode is Professor Eerke Boiten. Eerke is Professor of Cyber Security and Director of the Cyber Technology Institute at De Montfort University. He’s talking in the Health Tech stream at the 2020 conference.

During our conversation, Eerke shares what prompted his move from computer science into cybersecurity and explains his interest in health data. He talks about data sharing in health, why anonymisation isn’t really safe, and suggests that we need to think about health data in a new way, which might offer a way forward.

We move on to talk about ethics in AI and where the responsibility lies, and that proceeding thoughtfully rather than at haste pays dividends. We also touch on why, as an academic, he actively engages in policy and public debate on issues such as data privacy and cybersecurity.

Lastly, we explore the ‘privacy versus saving lives’ discourse that contact-tracing apps have re-ignited, and why data protection impact assessments are crucial.

We loved talking to Eerke and we hope you enjoy the episode.

Read Eerke’s opinion piece on health data in The Guardian, and his article in The Conversation on the U.K. government’s COVID-19 data project.

Read the interview here.

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