Ben Breen is our guest in this week’s episode. Ben is the co-Founder of NestEgg. He’s talking in the FinTech stream at the conference on 9 October.

During our conversation, Ben describes his career as a technologist, and explains why he and his co-Founder, Adrian Davies, set up NestEgg and what they were trying to change about the financial consumer market.

We move on to discuss the research NestEgg did to understand its target market better, something so few start-ups do, and the startling finding it revealed. Ben shares his perspective, both as a technologist and an entrepreneur, about why beginning with the consumer is essential. We also talk about how NestEgg is innovating responsibly in the fintech space and why that’s important to both him and Adrian.

Lastly Ben discusses the opportunities in the world of fintech in the next five years or so, and gives us a sneak peak into his talk at the conference.

We loved talking to Ben and we hope you enjoy the episode.


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