In this episode, we talk to Ijeoma Azodo and Rafiah Badat, who are speaking in the Health Tech stream at the conference.

Ijeoma is a surgeon who is now using her clinical expertise in clinical service design. Rafiah is a speech and language therapist, doing a clinical doctoral fellowship on a digital therapy tool for children with a language disorder.

During our conversation, Ijeoma and Rafiah share their career paths and backgrounds. Ijeoma explains what drew her to medicine and surgery, and Rafiah describes how she came to specialise in speech and language therapy.

We move on to discuss Ijeoma’s work in clinical service design and Rafiah’s clinical doctoral fellowship, and the work they are both doing in digital health.

Lastly Ijeoma and Rafiah share why the Shuri Network is important to them and how the Network supports women of colour, and allies, who are working in digital health, particularly in terms of challenging the system to take action and supporting women of colour to succeed in their careers.

We loved talking to Ijeoma and Rafiah and we hope you enjoy the episode.

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