Our guest in this week’s episode is Susie Alegre. Susie is an international human rights barrister and consultant with extensive experience working in international development and human rights policy and practice. She will be talking in the FinTech stream at the conference on 9 October.

Susie describes international human rights law as “ethics with teeth”. She shares some of her career highlights and what sparked her interest in digital technology.

We move on to discuss her interest in freedom of thought, and why it is so relevant in our 21st century digital society, in which behavioural micro-targeting is a growing enterprise.

She also talks about why algorithmic decisions need to be explicable in the context of financial services, and gives us a sneak peak into her talk at the conference.

We loved talking to Susie and we hope you enjoy the episode.

To find out more about Susie, visit https://susiealegre.com.

Susie’s article, Rethinking Freedom of Thought for the 21st Century, discussed in the podcast.

Susie is interviewed on the Better Human show.

Forum Internum: Freedom of Thought (BBC Sounds).

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