In this episode, we talk to Ivana Bartoletti, who is speaking on the panel at the conference on 9 October.

Ivana is a Privacy and Data Protection professional, a media commentator and a public speaker. She is Technical Director, Privacy at Deloitte and advises businesses and organisations on best practice and how to comply with privacy legislation at both a national and global level. She is also co-Founder of Women Leading in AI and author of An Artificial Revolution – On Power, Politics and AI.

During our conversation, we talk about Ivana’s journey to her current role and discuss some of the key challenges of power and justice in the field of AI right now.

Ivana explains why AI is an increasingly political issue, and one that requires common language across all disciplines.

Lastly, we talk about the problems of using AI in advertising and Ivana explains why it’s vital that we have more women contributing to decision-making in our organisations.

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