In this episode, my guest is Richard Potter, Chief Technology Officer for Microsoft Consulting Services, UK. We’re delighted that Microsoft are our 2020 Gold Partner.

Richard is also Microsoft UK’s Ethics Lead for AI so he’s passionate about organisations making the most of this powerful technology but in a responsible way.

We chatted about why Microsoft has such a strong position on responsible AI, and why it’s imperative for business leaders to adopt a responsible approach to using the technology in their organisations.

Richard discusses the recommendations he gives organisations, what he calls the 3i’s – intelligence, ingenuity, and inclusivity.

We move on to discuss the future of responsible AI and how this powerful technology, if harnessed responsibly, can deliver immense value to both society and businesses.

Lastly Richard shares what he’s looking forward to at the 2020 edition of the Anthropology + Technology Conference, and why he thinks the conference is so topical.

We loved talking to Richard. You can connect with him on LinkedIn or Twitter.

Join Richard at the Anthropology + Technology Conference on 9 & 12 October where he’ll be talking more about harnessing this powerful technology.

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