Our guest in this week’s episode is Alex Freeman, who is a Senior User Researcher at Spotify. We’re delighted that Spotify are our Gold Partner for the 2020 edition of the Anthropology + Technology Conference.

Originally from California, Alex is currently living in Stockholm, Sweden. Alex describes himself as a Professional People Watcher, and we chatted about how he got into user research, and explains how advocacy was important to him in his own career.

Alex explains how companies like Spotify benefit from a diverse range of employees, what companies can do to ensure that people from underrepresented backgrounds are hired into research roles, and why he’s so excited to work at Spotify.

We move on to discuss the ways in which Spotify is contributing to the important conversations happening right now and Alex’s shares his passionate belief and thoughts around ‘humane tech’.

Lastly Alex shares why he’s excited to attend the Anthropology + Technology Conference. We loved talking to Alex and we hope you enjoy the episode.

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