Our guest in this episode is Martha Dark. Martha is the co-founder of Foxglove, a new NGO that exists to make tech fair for everyone. Made up of lawyers, technology experts and communications specialists, Foxglove believe that governments and big tech companies are misusing digital technology, and that this is harming the rest of us. Their aim is to fix this situation.

We interviewed Martha in Episode 2 ahead of her talk at the 2020 conference. What better way to end the year than by celebrating the ways in which Foxglove has held tech accountable in 2020.

During our conversation, Martha shares Foxglove’s successes:

Martha also shares with us what Foxglove will likely be working on in 2021. Lastly, Martha explains why Foxglove needs our help and how we can all support Foxglove’s work in holding tech accountable.

You can follow Foxglove on Twitter and find out more about them at foxglove.org.uk.

We loved talking to Martha and we hope you enjoy the episode.

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