Allison Gardiner

Dr Allison Gardner

Programme Director, Data Science Degree Apprenticeship
Keele University

Dr Allison Gardner is a Teaching Fellow at Keele University and Programme Director for the Science Foundation Year. She teaches Bioinformatics in the School of Computing and supervises PhD and third year project students. Her research is focused on utilization of machine learning to predict disease, gender and computing, AI ethics and governance of AI.

She works on the IEEE P7000 Global Initiative on the Ethics of Autonomous and Intelligent Systems and specifically P7003 on algorithmic bias, providing a framework for Algorithmic Impact Assessments. Allison speaks nationally on AI Ethics, machine bias and the need for diversity and regulation in the field of AI. She has acted as a consultant for a variety of companies on their AI ethics panels.

Allison is one of the co-founders of Women Leading in AI.


Listen to Allison talk about why investors in health tech need to be asking questions about teams as well as tech; why we must hold onto our senior clinicians and prevent deskilling; and why it’s absolutely critical that AI systems are designed, developed and deployed correctly. Or read the conversation here.

Ep3: Small Nudges Towards More Responsible AI with Allison Gardner

Responsible AI deployment: It isn’t just what you use but how you use it

My talk takes discussion of ethical and responsible AI beyond discussion of the data and algorithm itself to the wider aspect of AI deployment. How we hard code in decision thresholds; design the interface, ensure meaningful human in the loop and feedback; consider operational procedures in implementing the system; ongoing evaluation and audits and considers impact on workforce skills. It closes by visiting the beginning of the development lifecycle by considering the questions we must ask ourselves when defining a problem and what we are aiming for by choosing an AI solution.

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