Diana Finch

Diana Finch

Managing Director
Bristol Pound CIC

Diana is Managing Director of Bristol Pound CIC, the company behind the most successful local currency scheme in the UK.  Since she joined in 2018, she has been looking at the learnings of the £B currency project, and developing ideas for what the next economic intervention should be, in line with the organisation’s aims of making a greener, fairer and stronger local economy.  Diana brings 30 years of experience in accounts operations and financial management, including 20 years’ experience in senior management and leadership, primarily in non-profit organisations.  She also runs her own consultancy.  Diana is a Fellow of the Institute of Certified Bookkeepers, and of the Finance Innovation Lab.


Listen to Diana talk about her innovative work on circular economy and local money, together with the challenges that come with it, and the research still missing to make it work better.

Diana Finch and Erin B. Taylor on Localisation of Money, Ethical Consumption, and Future Research


Many people are now convinced that our current economic system is the key force behind the growing damage to people and planet, through the drive for never ending growth. But not many people are developing practical ways to change the system. Fintech is typically focused on creating short term profits within the existing paradigm, rather than creating the tools to develop a new one. Diana explores a highly innovative potential fintech intervention to radically change local economies.

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