Roelof Pieters

Corina Enache, co-host of The Human Show, our media partner, interviewed our keynote, Roelof Pieters. You can listen to the podcast here.

Roelof shares his personal journey of a culturally-engaged software developer, a computer scientist-turned-anthropologist, in an effort to produce ‘anti-disciplinary’ knowledge, as he defines it. They talk about the numerous platforms Roelof initiated, the goal of which is to make life of scientists and designers more creative, and about the importance of community-based internet as opposed to focusing on fast internet. He explains that his inspiration for projects comes from walking the path between utopias and dystopias. Roelof shares the challenges of walking this path as well as the themes he will be speaking about at the Anthropology + Technology 2019 conference. He also offers suggestions of hacks he’d advise anthropologists to use if they are interested of pursuing a similar path.

(A transcribed version of Roelof’s interview will be available on our website soon.)

Useful links, a startup founded by Roelof which attempts to make the life of designers easier more creative.


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Photo credit: Markus Spiske on Unsplash