Jani Turunen

What does “The Man” say when AI discriminates? How does “The Man” find out?

AI applications are all around us, part of our everyday lives. Do we know we’re using AI when we use a social media website? What if the AI application is not playing fair with us? Is ubiquitousness of AI leading to a wider scale disappointment in the technology, when, it seems, no one’s looking after our – the end users’ – interests.

I will be sharing a story of a man trying to buy goods from an online hardware store. What went wrong and how these kinds of AI applications should be built in a more future-proof and sustainable way.


Jani is AI Lead at Solita. He is an artificial intelligence (AI) technology professional who designs, develops and manages teams to produce internet related products utilizing AI in its function. He encourages:

  • education to help organisations to be ready for AI as a technology
  • human centered design, sensemaking and co-design to find what users need, then delivering for that need in agile manner
  • maximising long term value through sustainable use of AI

Jani has ~20 years of experience working with a wide variety of customers, startups and research bodies, delivering technical solutions with a humans-come-first philosophy.