Joseph Wilk

The ideology of infallibility

Exploring the history of automation from Babbage through to its modern guises in AI & robotics and its attempts to solve once and for all the problem of the human. What the attempts tell us about software as ideology and the ways our thoughts have been shaped about our supposed smart & intelligent machines. How we can find new ways of seeing the quality of error, in the light of human creativity & human centered design. An alternative narrative to the positiv­istic, reductive, systemic efficiency and expedi­ency of modern automation.

About Joseph

Joseph Wilk is SWCTN Automation Fellow. He is an artist working with programming code, realtime media & audio. In particular, he is interested in live programming as performance art. His experience of disability —living with pain, physical limitations, disillusionment and disconnection— strongly impacts his practice. He deconstructs, misuses and repurposes software to challenge notions of ownership, narrative and visibility. He thinks of programming as a means of facilitating and augmenting human communication rather than replacing it, facilitating new forms of expression that put humans at the centre of control.