Keynote address by Nani Jansen Reventlow at the 2020 Anthropology + Technology Conference

“Decolonising digital rights. Why it matters and where do we start?”

Our 2020 keynote was Nani Jansen Reventlow. Nani is an international human rights lawyer and Director of the Digital Freedom Fund. We invited Nani to be our 2020 keynote because AI-driven technology is already being used to make decisions that are having real and serious consequences for people’s human rights. In developing emerging technologies it is important to address algorithmic bias, which reflect and amplify existing social inequalities. Otherwise these technologies will continue to perpetuate inequalities and social injustice. This also means dismantling the systems of racism and colonisation embedded in every aspect of our society.

Nani’s keynote addressed “Decolonising digital rights. Why it matters and where do we start?”.

You can read Nani’s keynote here:

You can read more about Nani and access the link to her podcast interview here:

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