Bristol start-up Tiny Giant are sprinkling some AI magic over our conference — to find out what, you’ll have to come, won’t you?

We caught up with them ahead of the big day. Well, to be honest, they decided to respond to our questions through the GPT-2 neural network.

Who are Tiny Giant?

Tiny Giant are joy makers. We put ourselves before the crowd, and it’s wonderful to see that happening as we’ve surprised almost everyone throughout this summer.

What gave you the idea to combine AI, advertising and creativity?

Inspiration can come from many places. Like rainbows and helicopters. Right now, we’re designing a hotel in Hamburg. It really matters.

What’s your favourite piece of work you’ve done to date?

We are tremendously proud of AIDA, our AI Cheltenham Science Fest curator. She did a job of excellence bringing together a global community of learners, all focused on engaging young people and helping them to find out more about machine learning.

Who influences you?

Pizzas, beach towels, boredom, splinter groups.

Where is AI going?

AI is like a race car. If you have a long time to improve your race car, you can always make a big step. But if you only have a hundred minutes, your car always needs to be up to speed.

What surprises will you be bringing to our event?

We are working on many things. We are working at different levels, from top to bottom. It’s not just the police. We are working at the national and local levels. Expect it. Clot yourself.

Tiny Giant are Kerry Harrison, Derek Ahmedzai and Richard Norton.

You can find them at

And @wearetinygiant on Twitter and Instagram.