Phil Harvey

Phil Harvey

Senior Cloud Solution Architect for Data & AI in One Commercial Partner
Microsoft UK

Phil is a big beardy data geek who loves working with data and solving interesting data problems. He is especially interested soft skills for technical people in data, empathy, ethics and in the impact of data on what people know and how they know it. Starting his career with a BA in AI, he has worked in a wide range of industries from surveying, to architecture, to advertising, to being the CTO and technical founder of a data start-up. Phil now works at Microsoft as a Senior Cloud Solution Architect for Data & AI in One Commercial Partner.

Phil is the co-author of Data: A Guide to Humans, published 2021.


Listen to Phil talk about the ways that data in smart cities relates specifically to people’s lives and why it’s essential that it’s handled ethically. Phil also shares key advice on implementing AI responsibly, including some of the steps already taken at Microsoft. Or read the conversation here.

Ep4: Why We Need to Understand Humans as Well as Data with Phil Harvey

Humanising Data & AI

Data is important because it gives us new things to know and new ways of knowing. Data also makes software smarter through AI. At Microsoft our goal is to democratise AI to empower every person and every organisation to achieve more. In this session you will learn how Microsoft takes a ‘principled consideration’ approach to AI ethics backed up by tools and skills to be applied in real world scenarios.

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