Professor Jo Tacchi

Associate Dean for Research
Loughborough University, London

Professor Jo Tacchi is a media anthropologist with a record of research collaboration with academic, commercial, government and community partners.

She has led a number of complex, multi-country research projects and developed ethnographic and action research approaches and methodologies that have been taken up globally.

Her research is mostly concerned with media, communication and development. She also has a long standing interest in media and affect, participatory content creation, and the role of radio and new audio technologies in domestic spaces. She has developed methodologies that combine ethnographic principles with action research cycles ( Published books include Evaluating Communication for Development (2013 Earthscan, Routledge), and Digital Ethnography: Principles and Practices (2016 Sage).

Her current work explores issues of voice and participation in relation to information and communication technologies (ICT), media and development, education and active citizenship, and capacity development in relation to evaluation of communication and development.