Dr Sam Shah

Global Digital Adviser and NHS Clinician

Dr Sam Shah is a Global Clinical & Digital Adviser and has worked for the NHS and also with a number of international government agencies. Sam was previously Director of Digital Development for NHSX. He is a Specialist and a Clinical Director in NHS primary care.

Sam has worked on a number of initiatives including the flagship project to digitise urgent care in the NHS. He has worked across the UK health system in primary care, public health, acute services, education and training, and regulation. He has supported the development of a number of projects in England and has also worked with Governments and digital health start-ups internationally. Sam was one of the inaugural members of the NHS Digital Academy and is committed to improving diversity in the workforce. He is involved in postgraduate teaching with a number of UK universities.


Listen to Sam talk about the fact that health issues are complex, and why we don’t always need more clinicians, instead we need a better way of tackling the wider social determinants. Sam also talks about the lack of diversity in leadership roles within the health service, why inclusivity means better outcomes for everyone. Or read the conversation here.

Ep8: Why Diversity Really Matters in the Health Service with Sam Shah

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