Dr Julien Cornebise

Director of Research and Head of London Office
Element AI

Julien is the Director of Research and Head of Element AI’s London office, with a focus on AI for Good. Julien describes himself as a “passionate, impact-driven scientist in Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence”. He is also an Honorary Researcher at University College London.

Julien joined DeepMind Technologies Limited (later acquired by Google) in 2012 as an early employee. In his four years at DeepMind, he led some fundamental research directions used in early demos and fundraising, and helped to create and lead its Health Applied Research Team. Since leaving DeepMind in 2016 he has been working with Amnesty International. He holds an MSc in Computer Engineering, an MSc in Mathematical Statistics, and earned his PhD in Mathematics, specialised in Computational Statistics, from University Paris VI Pierre and Marie Curie and Telecom ParisTech, for which he received the 2010 Savage Award from the International Society for Bayesian Analysis.

You can read our interview with Julien ahead of the conference where he talks about AI, ethics, AI for Good, and working with social scientists, and the importance of multi-disciplinary teams.

One of Element AI’s co-founders, Yoshua Bengio, was awarded the 2018 Turing Award, known as the “Nobel Prize of computing”. Bengio was recognised, together with Hinton and LeCun, for his working on developing deep learning.

“We’re building tremendously powerful algorithms and we have a responsibility to ensure how we apply them”.

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