Susie Alegre

Susie Alegre

Human Rights Barrister, Doughty Street Chambers

Susie Alegre is an international human rights barrister and consultant with extensive experience working in international development and human rights policy and practice. She takes a strategic approach to law and policy development with a focus on the effective translation of international law frameworks into practice. She has worked with accountability and oversight mechanisms including ombudsman schemes, NHRIs and the judiciary in different jurisdictions and she is currently appointed as Interception of Communications Commissioner for the Isle of Man.

Susie’s role as Interception of Communications Commissioner in the Isle of Man has given her practical insights into the international human rights framework around surveillance and she has been following developments in the UK closely with a particular focus on extra-territorial aspects of the law. She is currently engaged in research on freedom of thought, data protection and social media.


Listen to Susie talk about why freedom of thought is so relevant in our 21st century digital society, and why algorithmic decisions need to be explicable in the context of financial services, and much more.

Ep13: Freedom of Thought in the Digital Age. With Susie Alegre.

Talk Description

The use of technology for personal risk assessments is increasingly elaborate and fundamental to the development of consumer-focused FinTech. In the UK, financial services providers have to be able to show that they have been fair and reasonable in their dealings with consumers. This includes decisions on credit or insurance products where complex calculations are made to decide whether or not a company wants to provide a service to an individual consumer, and at what price. The range of data available on individual consumers is growing exponentially and is used to inform these decisions – but when the computer says no, how can you tell if it’s fair and reasonable?

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