Introducing our virtual conference platform

Shindig is the platform we’ll be using to host the conference online on Friday 9 October. We chose Shindig because delegates can ask questions, meet other participants (video chat and instant messaging), and get up onto the stage with the speakers to share their knowledge and thinking.

Check out this 10-minute interactive demo of Shindig:

The workshops on Monday 12 October are being hosted by each workshop organiser’s preferred platform.

How to join the conference sessions

How do I enter the conference?

Once you’ve got your ticket, you’re ready to go:

  1. On the Programme page, you’ll see all the sessions.
  2. Click on the session you’d like to attend, and click the Room link (e.g. Main Hall, Coffee Lounge, etc).
  3. Enter your name, organisation, and the same email address you gave us when you bought your ticket to join the room. That’s it, you’re in.

When you join the event:

  • You’ll automatically be muted. (Everyone is muted. Mics are only used when you’re speaking or in a video chat.)
  • The padlock on your toolbar will be ON. If anyone wants to video chat, you’ll have a choice to accept/decline their call.
How do I enter another session or the coffee lounge?

To visit the coffee lounge or enter another session, go to the conference programme page.

How do I leave a room or end my session completely?

To end your session completely, close the tab in your browser, or the app on your mobile.

How do I ask a question?

Hover over the question mark symbol in your toolbar and the word Ask will appear. Click this button and type in your question. Your question will be sent to the stream leaders for publishing.

How to video call and instant message people

How do I use the video/text chat at the conference?

Here’s a quick guide to setting up a chat:

  1. Hover over the delegate you’d like to chat with. An option for private chat will show. Click the video or text option to start chatting.
  2. You can add another person to your chat by double clicking on their thumbnail. You can have up to six people in one chat.
  3. To end your chat, click the cross in the top right of your screen.
How do I join a group chat that’s already started?

Hover over the images of a two-three way chat and click the Click to Private Video Chat button. You will now join the group chat.

How do I use instant messaging?

In your control panel, you’ll see a speech bubble icon. If you have messages, a yellow number will appear. Click this to read and respond to your messages.

What is the padlock in my toolbar?

We recommend keeping the padlock ON throughout the conference. This means if anyone would like to chat with you, you’ll be able to accept or decline their call. If you remove your padlock, delegates will be able to connect with you over video without you being prompted.

If I’m on a video call, can I still hear the conference speakers?

When you’re on a video call, you’ll still hear the speakers on the stage, but their volume will be quieter, so you can chat at the same time.

How do I visit the coffee lounge?

To join the coffee lounge in the breaks, visit the conference programme page, and enter the coffee lounge. If the coffee lounge is busy, it can be challenging to see who’s there. However, if you start a text chat with a friend and then click on the + sign in the text chat, you’ll see a list of all the people in the room.

How can I network in the coffee lounge?

Shindig allows up to six (6) people to join a video chat in the coffee lounge. You can see who’s in the room by hovering over the thumbnails or searching by name. Or you could set up chats with delegates or friends in advance.


Which device and browser should I use for the conference?

Shindig works on your browser. We strongly recommend using Chrome for the best experience. If you’d like to use a phone/tablet for the conference, you’ll need to download the Shindig app first.

How can I make the best use of my connection?

With many people in lockdown, or without access to high speed internet, we understand you’ll need to make the most of the connection you have available. Here are a few recommendations to help you do this:

  • Ask family members or flatmates if they could restrict internet usage during the conference.
  • Find where your internet is strongest and nest there for the day — use the cable, sit close to the router — whatever works.
  • Close any tabs that you don’t need. If possible, limit your connection to the conference programme page and Shindig.
  • If connection is slow and you’re not ‘on stage’, switching off your camera may help.
What happens if I have technical issues on the day?
  • Start by refreshing your browser tab — F5 on PCs or Command + R on Macs.
  • If you’re on a tablet or mobile, close the app and re-enter the room.
  • Still having problems? Use the group chat to seek technical support. After you’ve requested tech support, one of our team will message you directly, outside of the group chat.
What’s your Code of Conduct?

You can read our Code of Conduct here. Please read this before attending the conference.

How do I join the conversation on social media?

We’d love you to share your stories and photos with us on social media. You’ll find us on Twitter @anthtechconf. The event hashtag is: #anthtech20.