What Can You Do With Anthropology?

What can you actually do with your anthropology degree outside of academia? In this workshop, two anthropologists, Dr Gemma John, from the spatial strategy agency, Human City, and Dr Stewart Allen, from the human-centred foresight consultancy, Fuse Foresight, discuss their experiences working in industry with an anthropology degree. How are your anthropological skills useful? What kind of work do anthropologists working in industry actually do? How do we run projects and deal with clients? How do we deliver insights? What are the challenges working in industry?

Using examples from their work, this workshop will take students and recent graduates through an in-depth discussion and hands-on workshop to illustrate the value of an anthropology degree in today’s workplace and what you can do with it.

By way of short presentations, case study examples and practical exercises, attendees will gain a clear awareness of the kinds of work that anthropologists are engaged in — the joys, and challenges, and everything in-between.

Attendees will learn:

  • Real world examples of what anthropologists in industry do
  • How anthropology contributes to business and innovation projects
  • Practical skills that illustrate how to ‘sell’ and deploy anthropology in industry.

Who should attend this workshop

This workshop is aimed at students, graduates, and individuals thinking of a career change who want to better understand what anthropologists in industry do and how an education in anthropology may contribute to future career choices.

Workshop Leaders

Gemma JohnDr Gemma John, Human City
Gemma is an urban anthropologist who works in the real estate industry consulting for private and public sector clients, such as Foster+Partners, Lendlease, and Lambeth Borough Council. She has worked on a range of projects, from reimagining the future of retail to researching the impact of the ‘sharing economy’ on real estate. As a public speaker, she has presented at international real estate conferences, including Future PropTech, PERE Europe, GRI Club, Revo and MIPIM.

Dr Stewart Allen, Fuse Foresight
Stewart is an ethnographic researcher with over 10 years’ experience working in digital healthcare, non-profits, and consulting for customers such as Facebook, IMDb, Hitachi, Telus, and more. He is the author of the book, An Ethnography of NGO Practice in India: Utopias of Development, published by Manchester University Press.

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  • Leaders: Gemma John, Human City, and Stewart Allen, Fuse Foresight
  • Date: Monday 12 October
  • Time: 13:30-15:00 BST (London)
  • Who should attend: Students, graduates, and individuals thinking of a career change.
  • Number of attendees: 20-25.


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